Custom order Rustic Summer Coastal Wreath SET in Rust and Moss Green

Customer photo of them on their new home!!
Message from buyers:
We received the wreaths today! We love them - they are perfect. You did an amazing job on the packing. Thanks again!

Custom Order Rustic Owl Wreath in Peacock Teal and Brown

Message from Buyer:
I'm in love with him!!! It is just beautiful!!! I don't dislike a thing. I feel everything is perfect!!
I am totally happy with it. Thank u so very much, just what I wanted. 

Rustic Patriotic American Flag Wreath

Message from Buyer:
Hi Anne, I can't even believe I took time to think about this wreath! It is 

absolutely everything I wanted and so breathtaking beautiful! The colors 

are even richer and deeper in person which was even more of a pleasant 

surprise! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! You truly are so very, very 

talented! Have a wonderful evening! Until wreath #6.......


Custom Grinch 2014 Christmas Wreath

Rustic Patriotic American Flag Sunflower Wildflowers Wreath, XXL, 4th of July


Purple Lavender Wisteria Iris Wreath

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Sunset Cottage Garden Wreath, Sunrise Rose

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Lavender Shores Coastal Sunrise Wreath, Sunset Beach

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Large Coral Yellow & Peach Cottage Garden Wreath

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 Inspiration for this wreath:

Rustic Irish Coastal Wreath, Beach, Ireland

Photos of Ireland that inspired this wreath: