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Christmas Snow Owls Winter Woods Wreath

Story from buyer: 
My name is Sandy and I ordered the Christmas snow owl wreath and it looks beautiful. I want to tell you a story if you have time. My mother loved the color teal and she collected owls, and when I saw this wreath I couldn't get it off my mind , I laid in bed all night thinking about it so I ordered it and am excited to see it. The rest of the story is my mother was 90 years old and she passed away last December 5th. She wanted to be cremated and she was then put in the Mausoleum where I visit her weekly, and I wanted something elegant for her and when I saw this one I knew it was the one for my mother. I want to tell you the things I see in your shop are so beautiful and I am eventually going to order a wreath for every Holiday from you because they are so unique. When I recieve the wreath I will contact you to let you know how it looks there with my mother.
Thank you so much,

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