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Custom Order Pricing Information


#1] I will NOT copy or duplicate someone else's design, so DON'T ask. There is NO honor in stealing. Please, contact the ORIGINAL artist to request a copy.
#2] I require FULL payment for custom wreaths up front BEFORE I start buying supplies, with a 100% guarantee that I will work on your wreath until you love, love, LOVE it, before mailing it out to you. Check my feedback, and know you can trust me on this. You WILL love it.**

Prices are based on cost of supplies and time required. But I will give you a quote before starting based on what you tell me you are looking for, and I WILL NOT go higher than the agreed upon price.

I will keep you up to date on different ideas I have for your wreath and items I've found that I think you will like BEFORE I order them, to make CERTAIN your wreath turns out EXACTLY as your heart desires.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom wreaths to be made if supplies have to be shopped for and ordered
*Processing time varies depending on how quickly special themed supplies can be located and acquired, and often run MUCH shorter.
***If supplies are easily attained, or I already have them on hand, I can complete your wreath and get it out to you within one week of when it's ordered.***

Once I get an idea in my head, I like to run with it and tend to obsess over details and ideas for wreaths until I get them finished, so I don't dilly dally around about getting them put together and into your hands.
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